Automotive Market

Industry Leading Provider of CONSTRUCTION
BUILDING GREAT THINGS Complete Automotive Construction Services

HTA Group delivers fully-integrated automotive facilities including site location, design, engineering, construction and maintenance for:


Car Dealerships

Mechanic Shops

Car Distribution Centers

Our experience in the fast-paced automotive industry brings extraordinary value to our business partners. HTA Group takes efficiency and productivity to the next level with solutions including:

  • Project Management:
    Planning, Selecting, Cost, Budgeting, Quality and Closing Management
  • Process Improvement:
    evaluating business and workflow processes and implementing sustainable improvements
  • Project Management Office (PMO) development:
    creating, improving, or supporting PMO
  • New Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Information Technology:
    selecting and implementing business technology
  • Data Center / Networking
  • Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Saving Energy By Design and Incentive Planning
  • Light Design and Specifying Luminaries
  • Electrical Services:
    LED Light and Light Control
  • HVAC and Climate Control
  • Roofing and Insulations
  • Glazing and Glass
  • Aluminum Doors and window
  • Millwork and Custom Carpentry fit with Branding Requirements
  • Carwash Units
  • Building Automation / BMS
  • Integrated Security and Surveillance
  • Digital Signage:
    Billboards, Glass Signs and Wall Digital Signs
  • Solar Solutions:
    Off Grid, Lighting and Carport
  • Mechanic Shop:
    Construction, Electrical, Lighting, Light Control, Heating, Ventilation, Big Fans, Networking, Data Center, Water Purification, Floor Treatment and Coordination with Lift company
  • Coordinating with Branding Vendor for your Dealer Brand and Image

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